Test Systems

Our systems engineering, hardware and software design capability along with our AGILE management approach allows us to deliver an extremely innovative and competitive offering for test systems solutions.

We have developed production test stations, qualification test benches and simulation systems to support our Aerospace and Defense customers.  We are often engaged to address major refresh of legacy systems, which requires extensive systems engineering capability to uncover requirements and hidden issues and risks for successful development.

We also have IPC 610 / 620 workmanship and AS9100C quality production to deliver high quality, reliable integrated test systems solutions.   Our customers have also used us to produce build-to-print solutions.  In total we have delivered 1000’s of individual product test solutions to our customers.

Our extensive capability and understanding of avionics, flight controls and instrumentation also gives us an advantage in implementing Test Procedures and Embedded Test Software as needed to complete test solutions.  This same capability allows us to provide added value to our customers in advice and consult on the flight side of systems development and risk mitigation.

National Instruments:

Where it provides value, to our customers, we apply National Instruments hardware and software solutions. We find that this is often the best possible long-term solution for our customers.  We leverage National Instruments experts and our own extensive experience and training to deliver quality and value to our customers.

Specific Experience:

We have provided the development and build of test systems for launch guidance, satellite positioning, and ballistic re-entry vehicles, Space Station, Orion Space Vehicle, Fly-By-Wire Flight Controls for Commercial Aircraft, Multi-Missile Launch Test Systems, and much more.