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Responsive Engineering Services & Solutions
  • Test Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Control Systems

Test Systems • Embedded Systems • Enterprise Applications • Control Systems

Our engineering solutions have been credited for solving some of our nation’s most mission-critical engineering challenges. We provide scalable solutions that assist our customers in achieving mission success, time and time again. Our solutions include:

Test Systems:

We use our 25+ years of experience in the Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial markets to provide scalable test systems and test equipment that enable our customers to know that their product works, each and every time.  Our test capability and expertise allow us to provide the design and build of the equipment and software needed for verification, validation, and test of systems and subsystems.

We have provided the development and build of test systems for launch guidance, satellite positioning, and re-entry  test bodies. We have also performed the test of commercial aviation flight management systems. To learn more about our Test Systems experience, please click here.

Embedded Systems:

We specialize in providing first class embedded systems solutions for the Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial markets. We provide legacy system updates and new system design, including the seamless integration of embedded software and hardware.   Our solutions include the development and build of electronic boards, FPGAs, and quick turn legacy board re-fresh as well as software development for existing and new aerospace systems.

We have provided embedded systems solutions for avionics, guidance systems, commercial aviation, military aircraft, launch vehicles, and ballistic missile applications.  To learn more about our embedded systems experience, please click here.

Enterprise Applications:

As a result of our strong technical and managerial experience, we understand how essential enterprise applications are to any business, in any industry. We help our customers experience continued success by providing software as a service to support mission execution.  Our enterprise applications include asset management and visibility, logistics management, mobile applications, and custom solutions. We have provided the re-development of a web application that was designed to access and report on engine maintenance data.  To learn more about our enterprise applications experience, please click here.

 Control Systems:

We provide control systems tools and solutions that enable our customers to monitor, manage, and acquire data from a single piece of machinery or an entire plant.  Our real-time, comprehensive, and networked tools are the scalable, secure, cross-platform solutions needed to solve today’s toughest control systems problems.

Our control systems experience includes the upfront simulation/modeling effort to help support requirements flowdown to both hardware and software integration & testing.  Our experience also includes PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) software and development of a full SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) package.

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