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We have been tackling some of the nation’s toughest engineering challenges since 2001. We have maintained a reputation for providing excellence and innovation; we continually provide our customers with reliable and efficient services and solutions. We deliver what we say we will, when we say we will.


One of our biggest assets and our largest investments is our people –  they are at the core of our success and are essential to our continued growth.  Thanks to our employees’ diverse backgrounds, innovative thinking, subject matter expertise, and emphasis on customer satisfaction, they contribute a great deal of unique talent to our team.  Our Tandel family consists of NI certified developers, PMI certified project managers, Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, PhD holders, patent holders, astronauts, pilots, and TS cleared personnel. Our employees have also completed fault isolation training, cost account management training, AS9100 QMS training, and FAA DER training.


Our commitment to remaining on time and within budget has allowed us the opportunity to work with a plethora of today’s leading Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial companies.  Due to our consistently high  satisfaction ratings, we have built strong relationships with many of our customers, including:

Past Performance:

We have had the pleasure of working on some of today’s most exciting and innovative space and military projects. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to build a solid portfolio of past performance, including:

  • Re-entry Body Test Console – We provided the development of a new test console for a production test system.  This test console was designed to test component, sub-system and system testing at the factory.
  • Mobile Missile Defense System – We provided the development of a test station designed to exercise every system interface, including telemetry, video, on-board processors and still photographic cameras.  The company developed 40 test programs for the interface test station using actual missile hardware in a lab environment.  The test software was classified as a DO-178B Level A flight system development project.
  • Space Launch Systems – We provided navigation, guidance and control electronics design and support.
  • Satellite Systems – We provided computer systems and GN&C modeling and telemetry simulation support.
  • Human Space Flight Systems – We provided command and data handling electronics support.
  • Launch and Telemetry Support Systems – We provide ground support equipment design.
  • Missile Guidance and Computer Systems – We provided electronics engineering and support.
  • Flight Controls, Navigation, Displays and Controls - We provided these services for commercial and military aviation.
  • Navy Shipboard – We provided engineering support for the Navy, including antennas and machinery monitoring
  • Logistics Support Information Systems – We provided logistics information systems support for airports and Special Operations Forces.
  • Aircraft Wing and Fuselage - We provided the design, development, and test for large, high speed metal cutting and composite carbon fiber placement machines.
  • Fire Suppression Systems – We provided the research and development for a fire suppression system on a tactical vehicle.
  • Flight Control IV&V – We provided DO-178B Level A V&V tasks on the flight control system for one of today’s largest air crafts.  Our engineers were deeply ingrained in working in a highly fault tolerant time/space partitioned flight control computer, flight control laws, flight surface control, and other aspects of the flight control system.  Our engineers were involved with all aspects requirements traceability, configuration management, fault coverage, etc of this Level A software. Tandel engineers also provided  mechanical and software design support on this project.
A sampling of specific projects includes:
  • Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technology (BMRST)- We have been involved for several years in the development of the Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technology (BMRST) telemetry product, as well as the Mobile User Telemetry Platform used in launch range ground operations. Our activities to date include development of initial program systems requirements document, development of the Command Destruct Software solution, initial systems design and layout (Mobile User Telemetry Platform) of equipment, cabling, user consoles and power and environmental systems, support to integration and test, development of acceptance test procedures, development of an integrated logistics support plan, and development of supporting asset management information system
  • ORION CEV- We have been involved in the development of the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) for several years. The CEV is NASA’s proposed human spaceflight spacecraft, intended to supersede the space shuttle fleet. We have been providing support in the areas of requirements analysis and definition, program management and engineering, software tools, and configuration management and process consulting.
  • Orion RIU– We were involved in the  design and analysis tasks for the VMC/RIU power supply on the Orion Command and Data Handling (C&DH) program.  Specific tasks included requirements analysis, preliminary design of a core power supply, detailed design of a hybrid power supply, breadboard design and test, layout support for design center, and generation and release of final drawings.


We consistently receive an average rating of 4.5 (out of 5) on customer surveys.  We pride ourselves on this as our relationships and customer satisfaction are essential to our success.  Here is what our customer’s are saying about us:

  • “We were pleasantly surprised with the performance of Tandel during the development and integration phases; we have been very pleased with the value that has been provided to us for over four years.” – Charlotte International Airport
  • “We are extremely pleased with Tandel’s performance.  The project followed Agile methodology and the Tandel Systems team was an integral part of making the Agile project management process and the end product a success.” – Indiana University 
  • “We are fully satisfied with the quality, value, and on time delivery provided by Tandel Systems.” – Honeywell